The Migrant Information Point is a volunteer organisation. Our team of volunteers is composed by Dutch people and people from a variety of countries within the EU. The taget of our organisation is to provide migrants with an EU nationality with quality advice and information regarding all possible questions concerning their stay in the Netherlands. Our services are for free.

We think it is important that our visitors have the possibility to tell their story and ask their questions in their own language.

At the Migrant Information Point a lot of knowledge is available, but we certainly don’t know everything. Our motto is: “what we don’t know we can find out”.

However, the moment that support or advice  is being requested in which we can’t provide, we will refer you to an organisation who is specialized in the specific topic. We will do this by providing you with a referral form that contains the contact data of the specific organisation, the openingtimes, which documents you would eventually need, etc. Also we will write down your story and your questions in the Dutch language, so you don’t  need to tell everything again. 

Our approach is that we want to help you in a way you are not or will not be depended of our organisation. For this pro activity of yourself is very important. We want to be the bridge that helps you to get to the other site, not the carriage who will bring you there.

The Migrant Information Point is also there for migrants who experience the bad site of life: financial problems, homelesness, unemployement. We will try to help you as good as possible with an advice, to support you and where possible to look together with you for a temporary solution when needed.


Many questions are being asked concerning housing. We participate in a few housing projects for which you can register for a (temperary) house or room. We are happy to inform you about this when visiting us.

Other issues we discuss with our clients on a regularly bases are: Work, Dutch language course, health care, debts and taxes. This however is just a part of all the topics. Topics as domestic violence, labor exploitation, fraud, but also: the Dutch education system, social security, etc… are part of our conversations.


We will be glad to guide you!